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The introduction of the new mandatory Real Driving Emissions test procedure for all light duty vehicles by the EU Commission has significant impacts on powertrain engineering, exhaust aftertreatment systems, type-approval procedures and measurement technology.

As in the past years, this 5th International Conference Real Driving Emissions will again bring together decision makers, researchers and application specialists from industry, associations, scientific institutions and regulatory bodies to discuss the latest state of affairs around the implemenation of RDE procedures in Europe, with a special focus on its consequences for engine and exhaust technology and further developments on local and global markets.

The conference ensures maximum knowledge transfer and professional exchange. During a full three-days-program with two conference days and one workshop day you will meet international experts from various stakeholders to discuss, hear and learn about their experiences and challenges in the field of Real Driving Emissions.

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Why participate in this RDE event? You will have the chance to:

Learn about latest Real Driving Emissions regulation in Europe, United States and other major markets worldwide

Discuss integration of RDE in engine and powertrain development

Review current exhaust aftertreatment technology in the light of RDE

Discover cost-effective compliance strategies for RDE

Evaluate latest RDE test runs and and find approaches for optimization

Gain insight into RDE data evaluation and simulation tools

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