Piotr Bielaczyc

Department Manager, Engine Research Department,
BOSMAL, Poland

Conference Day 1

09:30 AM Current and future development of WLTP and RDE in light of world-wide emissions regulation

  • Development of WLTP in comparison of vehicles on NEDC, WLTC and FPT 75
  • Development of RDE - PEMS legislation and testing for Euro 6d and beyond
  • ECE UN GTR 15 regulation and their development
  • WLTP and Real World Driving emissions in comparison with test cycles for diesel and gasoline vehicles and their influence on vehicle/engine technology
  • CO2 emissions in light of WLTP/GTR 15/RDE regime
  • WLTP and RDE in light of other world emission regulation - is it possible future regulation harmonization?